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Are Markets Efficient, Inefficiently Efficient, or Efficiently Inefficient?

Some might argue that the question about financial markets’ efficiency is an old hat and has been discussed so many times without yielding any concrete conclusion. But it does not mean that the matter should be not talked over and over again, given the importance of financial markets for the human civilization. We should tryContinue reading “Are Markets Efficient, Inefficiently Efficient, or Efficiently Inefficient?”

Fixed-Income Securities.

Bills. Notes. Bonds. What are they all? They are all fixed-income securities that in general terms, and usually, deliver a determined payment to their holders. This is where one of the differences with ordinary shares arises, which conversely have no determined return and might fluctuate greatly depending on multiple factors. How do they appear? WhoContinue reading “Fixed-Income Securities.”

Why does diversity really matter for any aspiring organisation?

With increased globalisation and rapid demographic changes unseen before, workforce in the developed economies is beautifully diverse. Diversity and equality have become somewhat buzzwords in our modern society, thus alarmingly often they are frowned upon by some and neglected by others, but the power of both phenomena is understood by a very few. Both reactionsContinue reading “Why does diversity really matter for any aspiring organisation?”

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